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"Class Act Consultants has been there for our family when we really needed them most.  My family and I are missionaries in Argentina and recently flew back to the USA to visit family.  We arrived at the airport and discovered Argentina had a new law we were not aware of and we were told we could not board our flights without our youngest daughter’s birth certificate.  We had a 2-hour bus ride to return home to obtain this document, leaving us with no chance to board our plane.  The airline explained this was our negligence of the law and we would need $1,500.00 USD for them to re-accommodate us on the next day's flight, which we did not have.  We were faced with losing $6,000 worth of airline tickets which my mother had graciously purchased for us... but Class Act came through! They negotiated with the airline and we flew out the next day with only a small change fee!  Thank you Class Act, you saved our trip!"

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Serving missionaries with their travel needs throughout the globe.

We have fares available to and from the United States to all parts of the world.