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Offering 1st Class Service to Missionary Travelers Throughout the World!

The associates at Class Act Consultants have been in the travel industry since 1978.  Until 2001 Class Act Consultants main focus was the corporate traveler, however after 9/11 God redirected our path to restructure and make our main focus the traveler taking The Gospel to the world. 

Class Act Consultants has a heart to save Kingdom dollars and at the same time still provide an exceptional service to the travelers ministering the gospel.  God has Blessed us in networking ministry teams and missionaries together.  Often missionaries are tired and need encouragement from the heavy demands of ministry.  Class Act Consultants has assisted in connecting those who need ministry with those wanting to give ministry. 

If you are a youth pastor wanting to take young people to the mission field or a senior adult pastor taking seniors on a missions trip and need ideas for places to minister, please feel free to call us as we have dozens of opportunities to offer.

It is our great pleasure to work with ministries, churches and outreach teams all over the world.


Serving missionaries with their travel needs throughout the globe.

We have fares available to and from the United States to all parts of the world.